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Septic Pump Out Service

Septic Tank Pumping, Emergency or Maintenance?

It's an emergency when you notice a:

  • Bad odor or dirty water coming from your sink or bathtub drain.
  • Smelly puddle of water and waste on your lawn

To prevent a nasty emergency, have your septic pumped and inspected for repairs every 3 - 5 years.

Septic & Drain Field Repair

Up Front Pricing - No Hassle

From patching a broken pipe or replacing a tee or performing a step down. We will give  you a complete estimate before we begin. We are licensed, insured and experienced specialists in septic repair. Put 3 generations of knowledge to work for you. 

Septic & Drain Field Install

We Engineer the Most Cost Effective Option for Your Property

Years of experience allow us to analyze your property from every angle in order to design the most effective, long lasting system possible. We stay informed of the most recent technical advances in sewage treatment to maximize your space and your budget.

Sewer & Water Lines

Inspect, Repair, Prevent!

Avoid a messy, smelly situation before it happens. Keep your underground pipes in good condition and avoid flooding and backed up sewer in your home. Water and sewer lines need periodic inspection and preventative maintenance in order to continue to operate properly. 

Canton Septic Tank Service

north georgia septic repairAbsolute Septic Tank Service Specializes in Septic Tank Pump Out, Repair and Installation in North Georgia.

Don’t get sucked into extra fees, pay a flat rate. The price we agree on is the price that you pay.

Sometimes a job requires something new, something different, something totally unique. 

​Maintaining a healthy septic system is the key to the life of your system which is VERY expensive to replace. By simply pumping your system at least every 3 years (recommended by the Department of Environmental Health) and following a few simple steps you can keep your system healthy and flowing properly. Ignored septic systems (not pumping properly or not often enough) will back up your system and possibly damage it or your drain field.

Absolute Septic is a three generation family owned and operated, local business with over 25 years of experience in the field.  Our mission is to offer great service at competitive rates, without any hidden fee’s to all Metro-Atlanta and North Georgia communities.

We specialize in septic tank and drain field installation and repair,  pump systems and basic outside plumbing.