Sewer Line Blockage & Backup

Raw sewage backed up through the drains in your house can be a horrible experience. Taking the necessary steps in prevention and maintenance can help keep this messy, destructive experience from happening to you.

The Basics

Wastewater flows through small lines on your property to the larger, county lines in the street. This in turn travels to your city/county wastewater management system for reclamation. In order for this process to flow smoothly, each branch of the system must be working properly. If there is a blockage in your line, the disruption of flow can cause the sewage to run back into your home through the drains at the lowest point in your house.A blockage can occur for any number of reasons, disposal of diapers, sanitary napkins, kitchen grease and root intrusion are the most likely sources.

If a back up occurs: Call Absolute Emergency Service – 770-402-2481 immediately to have a technician on their way to assist.

  • Turn off water at the main shut off valve and discontinue and usage.

Prevention Don’ts:

  • Dispose of diapers or sanitary napkins in the toilet
  • Pour any type of grease down any drain
  • Allow trees and shrubbery to grow over and around your sewer line
  • Connect any drains or sump pumps to the sewer system

Prevention Do’s:

  • Install a plumbers test plug at the lowest floor drain in your home
  • Install a backflow valve on the lowest drain line.
  • Regularly inspect and maintain the valve
  • Have your plumber modify the line so that water is pumped to an upper level drain

Also… Locate and keep the sewer cleanout easily accessible.

If you do not have a cleanout, have one installed. The cleanout is the property owner’s responsibility. Check your homeowner’s insurance policy and make sure you are covered for backups. Clean ups are an expensive process.

Do you know where to find your sewer clean out?

Your Sewer Clean Out is a capped pipe located somewhere along your sewer line between the water source and your home’s plumbing system. This may be hard to find, and in some instances your home does not have a clean out. The quicker someone can access your sewer clean out, the less likelly a blockage result in an overflow situation.