Pipe Repair or Replacement

Due to extreme cold, the pipes bringing water to your home can become frozen or burst. Pipes weakened with age, pressure or roots can clog, freeze and burst. This will disrupt water flowing into your home. Even small leaks can decrease water pressure and increase your water bill. You also may have a chance of bacteria and other unwanted contamination getting into your water supply.

Maintenance: If you begin to notice a decrease in water pressure, or an increase in your water bill, you should call us. We can inspect your water lines for damage or clogs.

Repair: We can locate and repair any damage to your water lines.

Replacement: Sometimes, we may have to replace all or part the waterline. We try to do this as economical and quickly as possible.

What are Water Lines (Water Supply System)

In a typical community water supply system, water is transported under pressure through a distribution network of buried pipes. Smaller pipes called house service lines are attached to the main lines to bring the water in to your house. In many water supply systems, water pressure is provided by pumping water up into storage tanks that store water at higher elevations than the houses they serve. The force of gravity then “pushes” the water into your home as you open the tap. Houses on private wells supply usually get their water from a private well. A pump brings water out of the ground and into a small tank within your home or a tank outside, where the water is stored under a controlled pressure.

Water Lines Service and Repair

Freezing temperatures, growing plant roots, corrosion and shifting soil can cause damage to your water lines. Older water lines may need to be replaced.

If you need a repair….

  • We can perform water line replacement
  • We can diagnose and repair slab leaks


  • New service lines
  • New taps on main
  • Split irrigation systems
  • New Water Hydrant