About Absolute Septic Service in Canton, GA

family owned septic pump cantonAbsolute Septic Service in Canton, GA

We are a three generation family owned and operated business with over 25 years of experience in septic services. Our mission is to offer great service at competitive rates, without any hidden fee’s to Metro-Atlanta and North Georgia communities, including Canton, Woodstock, Holly Springs, Ball Ground, Acworth and Waleska.

We specialize in septic tank pump out service and drain field installation and repair, pump systems and basic outside plumbing.

Sometimes a job requires something new, something different, something totally unique. 

​Maintaining a healthy septic system is the key to the life of your system which is VERY expensive to replace. By simply pumping your system at least every 3 years (recommended by the Department of Environmental Health) and following a few simple steps will keep your system healthy and flowing properly. Ignored septic systems (not pumping properly or not often enough) will back up your system and possibly damage it or your drain field.